Sunday, 20 November 2016

Production Diary 7 - Adrift - (14/11/16 - 20/11/16)

This week I have been finishing off animation scenes and starting to them together in Premiere Pro, I am a little ahead of my original plans but this is good as I will be able to go back and change things I feel it's necessary.

I am struggling with my final scene at the moment, as it features a pan up from one scene to another. I originally have tried to do this in Dragonframe, but the pan is a little glitchy and not as smooth as I originally planned it to be. This is mainly because as I'm sliding the image up it gets caught on the crane that the camera is attached to and this messes up some of the shots. I might try and move the crane to one side and try this scenes again, however I have also tried to edit it in After Effects. In After Effects it does look okay as I have used a stabiliser but now it goes a little too fast and the frame hold at the end is messed up. Luckily I still have around 3 weeks till the deadline so I should be able to figure it out by then.

Other than that I just have my jump scene left to animate and I will be finished with animating, I have done this scene once but I want to try it again and just see if I can get the jump a little more fluid.

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