Friday, 18 November 2016

Strike a Pose - Maya Task

I actually enjoyed this study task a lot more than I thought I would and I have learnt a lot about Maya that I didn't really understand last year. I also really liked using reference images to create the poses as it helped with what side Moom would be leaning on and what directions his feet and hands might be facing in the moment.

Reference: Exhaustion

Reference: Pain

This one I got a little more confident and decided to add in a table that he had stubbed his toe on. I feel like his leg was a little too skinny for this pose as you can barely see what he's holding.

Reference: Sadness

This pose was quite hard to actually get Moom to be on all his limbs at once but I pretty much got it.

Reference: Surprise 

Surprise is quite a funny pose and it was hard to get the reference of this face for this as my eyebrows are almost facing down but moving them just a little too much would make Moom look evil and not happily surprised.

Reference: Happiness

I feel that I need to light this scene again before final submission, however I went all out and put Moom on a dancefloor for this one. It was quite hard to use my image as reference as I'm actually in motion in the photo, however I really felt like it captured the emotion really well even though I am moving. If Moom had some long flowing hair I think it would be easier to show him in movement.

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