Friday, 18 November 2016

Do it in 10 - Empty

For Responsive I'm going to enter this months Do it in 10 as I feel like the more little competitions I enter the better it is for me for practicing time and project management. My idea is of a Donut and a Coffee Cup and the coffee cup notices that the donut is empty inside, he then finds this quite funny and points and laughs. I want this to be a cute and funny animation so I've chosen the donut to be pink, above is a moodboard I created before coming up with characters and storyboards.

Here are some doodles I did to come up with different character designs before I settled on two I liked.

This was my first storyboard, but I found that it was a little too complicated considering I only had 10 seconds to do it in. So, I decided on a different storyboard.

This was my final storyboard I came up with and used in my production, I found that the simpler version of my idea was better considering the time and the fact I have other work to juggle.

Here was the first idea I came up with for my Donut character, I later changed his eyes to be like the coffee cups eyes as I wanted them to look similar. I took inspiration from my moodboard when creating him.

Above is my final coffee cup character design, which I really liked and I gave him arms so that he could have some type of expression. As I was using DUIK to rig these characters I made sure all the pieces were on separate layers so rigging would be easier.

Here is the rig of my characters and I found that DUIK worked really well for the idea I wanted, I really liked how you can make the layers follow each other so if I squashed one layer the others would also squash.

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