Sunday, 6 November 2016

Production Diary 5 - Adrift - (31/10/16 - 6/11/16)

This week I began making my final puppet and painting backgrounds as I want to start animating next week. On the left is my final puppet, however I have to make the back version of him for the first few shots still. I also want to make multiple hands, boots and helmets so that he can face in different directions.

I also wrote my script for my animation as good practice for script-writing, which I really enjoyed doing! I liked being able to emotively describe the action and emotions of the character so that anyone who read it could understand deeper than seeing a storyboard.


Above are some of the backgrounds I have been painting this weekend ready for animation! I just have to finish a few of the inside the ship back grounds and below is a draft of one of the scenes I am painting out properly onto A3 watercolour paper at the moment. I wanted to use water colour paper for the inside scenes so that it has lots of texture and a different feel in comparison to outside the ship.

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