Sunday, 30 October 2016

Production Diary 4 - Adrift - (24/10/2016 - 30/10/2016)


  • Make beginning clearer
This was something that was my main question when entering the crit session and as I expected there were people that struggled to understand the basic narrative. The problem being with my narrative is that it is a major point to get the factor of suicide right or the whole animation will be wasted. So, I'm really going to make sure this is solidified before going ahead with any animating.
  • Look up a few different techniques
I've been told to look at 'PaperPanther' and Monty Python techniques for some inspiration for my animation and I'm going to blog about these when I research them. This was helpful as I was a still a little unsure as I've never done stop motion with paper puppets before.
  • Decide on materials for puppet
The materials for my puppet is definitely something I need to look into as my next task and I'm thinking of experimenting with a few different things such as card and watercolour paper.
  • Look at some foley sounds
Foley sounds are something I didn't know if I wanted to include in my animation as I didn't want to lose the effect of the song, however if it's necessary for my narrative then I will try with and without in post-production.


Before I make my real puppet I wanted to try out a rough one first just so I can make my final puppet really well and understand how big I need each part to be. Below is my puppet cut out into bits.

Next I stuck everything together with white tac after I found that's what Paper Panther animated with.

I then decided I should do a little animation testing with my puppet to see how he moved, this has been done on an iPad app so isn't the best quality.

I really helped me doing this little tests so I could start to get my head around how many frames are needed for what type of action. Some I tried on ones and some on twos to see how my puppet would move as well as moving the limbs around. The main thing I found with the white tac was that sometimes when you'd move the limb it would slightly move back as the white tac isn't as malleable as I would have liked. I think next I will try and use split pins as well as a different brand of white tac to test my different options. I also found that I made the biceps of my puppet a little too curved and I might have to make a few different biceps for when he moves his arm up and down it will change shape.

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