Monday, 25 April 2016

E4 Ident Progress! - 25/04/2016

So, to make my ident flow a little better I needed to change the last scene like I said in my diary entry and this is what I have been working on recently. I decided that it would look better if it just zoomed into the face of my koala rather than cutting to another shot where it seemed like the jump was too big. This beow is what I have achieved today and I am much happier with the outcome! It is much clearer now what the audience is looking at and the only thing I could maybe change now is the mouth when he chews I have just done a small rotation with the same mouth, but I think it might look a t little better if I put in a new mouth that's puckered like it's full. In these shots below you can see how it zooms in and even though his face looks a little distort in these frames, it's very unnoticeable in the real preview as it zooms so quickly.

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