Monday, 11 April 2016

Production Diary - IDENTS - 11/04/2016

I have been working a lot on my E4 Ident and below are some screen shots of the kind of processes I have been looking at! It has been a little challenging so far working with so many keyframes but I have been slowly getting through it and the main difficulty is actually that there is so many keyframes working at once it's sometimes hard to figure where the problem is and which keyframe to get rid of.

Here you can see that I have been working heavily with keyframes to make my animation come to life and I have used keyframes before but not so much where I am actually relying on them to make everything work. In this screen shot I was working with key framing the position of the flower as well as the arm so that they worked alongside each other in the same path. This is felt was difficult as my arm seems to be moving too slowly so I'm going to speed up the movement for this part. 


When looking at my animation I also found that it looked very flat and lifeless and this was not the look I was going for. So as you can see in this closeup, I put a drop shadow onto every layer and this really made the shapes pop! This was a really important part of the process that I actually forgot about but it has made the biggest difference. 

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