Sunday, 3 April 2016

Production Diary - IDENTS - 3/04/2016

So, I have started animating my idents for both my E4 and National Geographic and so far it is going smoothly, the cut out animation I have only made my cut outs to animate with which I have shown below. However, this is still a good step and I found some really good scans online of crumpled and textured paper that I have used!

For my National Geographic I have gotten a little further with this one, however I still think it needs lots of work. My fish doesn't seem to swimming as naturally as I would like it to so I'm going to work on changing the way it swims til I am happy with it. Below I have put a screen shot of how I am considering how the spine of the fish moves and how this will effect the shape of the body. This is something that is very important if I want my fish to swim naturally as well as the speed that it travels at. I have been looking at YouTube videos of the locomotion of a fish so far to come up with an idea of how a fish moves but it's proving to be quite difficult.

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