Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Production Diary - IDENTS - 19/04/2016

Today, I worked on my National Geographic Ident as this was the one that I was neglecting out of the two and I have made so much progress on it! Last time I said that I wanted to make the fish smaller and add more in-betweens and after doing this it really helped make the fish swim more naturally and look a lot nicer overall. Below is a gif of what I have so far and I'm really pleased with what I have.

The fish swims a lot more naturally here and I managed to fade the net into the National Geographic logo quite nicely too. I still want to add more details to this animation such as particles and light rays to make the fish look more like it's swimming in the water instead of on top and I wanted to add bubbles too. My next ideas are to use After Effects to add the 'National Geographic Channel' text slide into the shot as if it has come out of the logo as I think this would make the animation look more professional. Also, to improve what I already have I could add a few more frames when the net is going back to become the logo as it looks a little sluggish. 

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