Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Line Test - National Geographic Ident

I did a small line test for my National Geographic Ident and by doing this it helps me see where I need to add or remove unnecessary frames. This one I am finding actually quite difficult as I want my fish to swim naturally and not just float across the screen, I have looked at videos explaining the locomotion of a fish however I still feel like I need to tweak it here and there. I want to make the fish stay on screen for longer and I am considering making it smaller so that it has a longer way to swim and the logo which is also the net will be at a better size in consideration for it being shown on a TV. After looking at this line test I have found that I need to adjust my sizes and I need to add more frames into the swim as I current have only 3, which is 2 extremes and 1 inbetween so possibly it will help if I added another 1 or 2 inbetweens.

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