Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Maya Truck Task

This task I find really hard to understand but I got there in the end, and I found it difficult just because I wasn't used to the program which will get better with time. I did like to try and use the program as it gave me a chance to learn something new and the main problem I faced was trying to understand all the different buttons and just pressing one wrong one can make everything go very wrong. The guide I used really helped me and without that I wouldn't have been able to make a cube! Maya is something that seems to scare a lot of people but I feel like it's a program that can only become easier the more you use it and start to understand the tools and what you can achieve by using them. I think my truck turned out okay, however it could have been a little more symmetric as some of my edges were a little wonky as I made little mistakes and tried to fix them. I also feel I should have made the wheels a little bigger but this can be easily fixed.

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