Friday, 22 April 2016

Post-Poduction Time! - Production Diary Idents 22/04/2016

So I have finished animating for both of my idents and I now want to look at tweaking and refining them using After Effects and as the deadline isn't for a couple of weeks yet this gives me lots of time to do this!

For my e4 ident I have been thinking about changing the last shot and making it so that there would be a zoom to the koala's face rather than cut to a whole new frame where it could possibly confuse the audience. Below is a little preview of how the scene cuts to the mouth and I think I will change this with a zoom and using the puppet tool to change the face. I think the shot when it first cuts to the koala's face is actually quite hard to tell what it is and this is the feedback I have received from a few people who have looked at my animation.

My National Geographic ident isn't quite as refined as my other, and this is because I have enjoyed using After Effects much more than Photoshop as it is something that is new to me. I have finished the actual animating part of this ident, however I want to tweak the way the net moves slightly using After Effects and put in titles too. I spoken to Mat and we have discussed having the text all come in at once instead of having the text come in each line at a time. This way it will be less time consuming and will look a lot nicer too so, I really want to look at changing the way the net moves and this will be my next move for this ident. Below I have shown the consecutive frames of the net and here it goes from a diagonal angle to very horizontal and this is almost robotic to me, so this is something that if changed would make the animation flow a lot nicer.

Overall, I am happy with my progress and I am glad that I am ahead of my schedule and I have time to go and refine each part of my animations. I feel what most helped was my calendar which allowed me to constantly refer back to each time I would work on my project!

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