Tuesday, 12 January 2016

The Incredibles - Character Design

The character design in The Incredibles is a very strong example and I felt it would be useful to go through and look at the way the characters were developed. To the left is an early example of Bob, the main character, and I liked this because it really shows the way the character is feeling. He has been illustrated looking to the side and it suggests to me that he isn't happy with himself or his life, the way the character is standing or posing can suggest a lot about a character and this is something that I need to work on to ensure that the characteristics of my own characters are noticeable straight away. In the notes around Bob it says 'little colour in his life' and 'light colour make him look weak' and I felt like this was important as colour are another thing that make a huge impact on characters, as he is blue and blue is known to be a sad and cold colour it would drastically change the mood if he were to be dressed in red for example.

One of my favourite characters in this animation is Edna Mode, a half-japanese/half-german fashion designer. I really liked her design sheets as she is such an 'out there character' and below I have put a few images of her being developed. In the middle image you can see that they tried used different shapes to form her body and head and I have also used this technique in my own project to create my character. What I notice here is that they have actually used two shapes to form her head and I only used one shape and experimented with that. To develop my skills further I feel I should experiment trying to use lots of shapes when creating my next characters.

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