Thursday, 7 January 2016

Storyboarding in Animation

For my shoe project I am to create a storyboard in order to tell a narrative about a shoe and to help me create the best storyboard possible I want to revisit storyboards and look at ones used in the animation industry to help mine become more developed. I have first looked at the storyboard for Up, and I really like this storyboard because of how detailed it is and how clear it is at the same time. 

I also really like how this starboard is not in full colour and instead is in sepia, this could be a good idea for my own storyboards about my cowboy and his boots as this would be better presented in a sepia colour scheme rather than bright colours. This storyboard in particularly god because it has such flowing frames, for example the frame after frame are sometimes very similar and this helps show the way the camera moves or the action moves in and out of frame. Finally, I like the technique of having each frame and pinning them up in order to see how they all look from a further away glance, this helps to see if the shots work together and leaves room to move them around.

Next I decided to look at storyboards that are drawn onto a single piece of paper instead of pinning up each frame, which Disney commonly uses as their technique, and see how this can more effective or less effective. This one I have chosen is for a TV animation where there is lots of action and cinematography isn't as important, like it would in a cinematic film such as Up, but it's still used to make the scene more interesting. This storyboard is more effective due to there being lots of actions where characters are zooming in and out of shot, so being able to draw the characters actually coming out of the farm is useful to show this. I really like this storyboard as it uses arrows really well to show the direction as well as action lines to show the urgency or speed of the action. This is a great way to show the way it needs to be animated and I could use this in my own storyboard if I decide to put fast action into it.

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