Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Production Diary, The Other Side - 12/1/2016

My final task to complete all my scenes for my animation was to re-make the walking scene as I was not happy with the outcome. Today I managed to complete this scene and now I can add it in to my final edit! Below is the comparison between the old scene and the new one.

I feel like even though my walk cycles aren't perfect and I need much more practice doing them, my second attempt was better than my first time trying to create one. My main problems were that in my first attempt my character walks quite like a robot, whereas my second walk cycle seems to be a little more fluid. To improve I am going to continue to practice creating walk cycles as I find them quite difficult but they are a good thing to practice in order to improve my animation skills. I am happy that I had redone this scene as the first cycle I was very unhappy with. My second cycle does have quite a rigid movement and to improve it I could have made his body move with the motion a little more, but this is all things I can take away and think about more carefully next time!

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