Thursday, 14 January 2016

Production Diary, The Other Side - 14/01/2016

The deadline is tomorrow and today I finally finished off my animation! I feel so relieved and all I have to do now is write my 500 word evaluation and finish any bits and bobs that I have to complete my project. The sounds that I had to gather for my animation were actually quite hard to source and I found that even looking through the BBC sound library I could find sounds that quite fitted the way I wanted them to. I instead went and looked through online sound banks that were royalty free and eventually found the sounds that I liked, however it took me a long time. Possibly in the future I will want to record my own sounds so that they are exactly what I want them to be and this would possibly make my animation more successful. The only thing now looking back at some of my shots is that I could have cut out the close-up of the axe as this shot isn't really necessary for the audience to understand that my character is a lumberjack, but this is just another thing I can remember for future projects! Below is my finished animation, hooray!

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