Friday, 8 January 2016

Production Diary, The Other Side - 08/01/16

As the deadline for the project next week, I spend all day putting my animation together to see if I had correctly timed my shots and to see how it al fitted together, if any didn't fit or needed tweaking I would then have time to change them. I have found that some of my clips are not long enough to register to the audience when being watched through, which is very important if I want my animation to be understandable. To fix this I'm going to go through the shots and make each beginning and end longer so that they can have pauses instead of going straight into action. This will hopefully help the flow of the animation and make the shots more understandable. I also found that in my walk cycle, even after trying to tweak it, it still does not look right and I am considering reanimating the whole thing in order to improve my animation. Finally, what I found after putting all of my shots together was that some of my shots look really nice ascetically, whereas others do not and this is because as time went on I actually found my self improving and I was able to animate better than I did at the beginning. So my next steps are to fix the shots that are too short, fix up the shots that I think could look nicer and smoother and finally put in sound to wrap all of my animation together!

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