Thursday, 7 January 2016

Peer Feedback - Captain Character

I received feedback on my character design and from this I am able to take next actions and develop her even further. I was also able to see what I was successful in when creating my character, it was said that there was good development, it had character appeal, it was an easy to remember character, there was good experimentation and the expressions were very descriptive. This reassures me that I am understanding my use of facial expressions and that they work well. I was also able to receive feedback on the visual quality of my work and my peers said that my work was presented so that my thought process was clear, the volume of my character was clearly displayed and the use of colour in my work, worked really well and showed the theme of my character. On the other hand, I was also able to get some critical points about my work to help me improve and it was said that I needed more key poses, there needed to be a clearer backstory when presenting my character and to redraw the rotation of the character as one of the 3/4 poses is on a slightly higher plain.

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