Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Thirsty Planet - My Scenes and Submission!

Within this project we decided to split the scenes between me, Rosie and Dan so that the work load would be equal and we would each get an even chance at animating.

Below is the first ever animation test I did of the baby elephant, even though I wasn't getting to animate the baby elephant. I made this character so I wanted to animate it. I found that the characters worked so well as papercut puppets and this just ensured me that we had made the right choice in choosing this medium!

Below is the first scene I animated with Rosie and Dan, we decided to animate this first scene all together so that we could experience the animation of the puppets together as well as understand how we could all work together to get a similar animation style. If we were to just go off and animate all our scenes separately I thought it would be harder for us to work together. This was one of the longer scenes so we felt it was the best one to choose!

Below is a scene that I animated of the adult elephant's face, and this was quite a hard scene to imagine and the problems I faced with this was that every time I needed to move the puppet, which was huge, I had to pull up and put down every but of blue tac. This made it especially hard as the puppet was large and had a lot of blue tac holding it down! If I were to do this again I would had made this puppet a lot smaller as large papercut puppets do not work well!

This first one was a initial test

This was the final scene I put towards the edit

Finally, I animated the jug scene which involved the particles of water! I love animating the water and I felt it had a really lovely effect once it was animated. From this I have gained that using papercut and water is actually a great idea, as originally we felt it would be really hard to recreate water and that our idea was quite hopeful.

After all the scenes were collected and we got the final landscape design from the illustrator it was time to put it all together. There were a few complications with the backgrounds in this project as the illustrator kept sending files that were pixelated when enlarged, and she couldn't figure out why. The only other complication that I felt with working with an illustrator was that I was helping on the concept art for this project and sent her lots of designs for possible leaves and extra details and she didn't use any and just used her original design. I feel that for future projects it would be better to have more working as a team around the development of an idea rather that going for the first idea.

Editing, yay! Here we put together the soundtrack that I got from Harry Laird, and it fit perfectly onto the scenes. We also keyed all of the scenes to get rid of the green scene and finally just did some polishing and colour correcting. Finally, we were ready for submission a day early before the deadline. So, next we submitted and sent it away... woo!

Below is the final animation! I am so proud of it and everyone who worked on it and I feel like we did an amazing job no matter the outcome of the competition.

Thirsty Planet from Stacy Straub on Vimeo.

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