Friday, 3 March 2017

Thirsty Planet Progress

As an update we have managed to animate our first scene which took 9 hours! Me and Rosie animated the children/elephant and Dan animated the elephant walking in. This was a really great experience as I got to animate with other people which was a lot more fun than doing it on my own. Below is the clip of the scene that we animated and I'm really happy with it. I really love the way the motion of the children turned out and Rosie did so well considering it was her first time animating with papercut. We didn't end up using a glass screen over the top as it gave a lot of glare and reflection from the lights, however it still turned out great. Towards the end it was me and Rosie pushing the puppets down and quickly taking the picture because the bluetac got so less sticky!

Considering Dan didn't get to animate much of the scene above we left the end of the scene to him and below is the clip he came up with which is great. So far we are all working really well as a team and I hope that it keeps up until the deadline!

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