Sunday, 19 March 2017

Applied Production Diary - (13/3/17 - 19/3/17)

The week was the pitch presentation for our Palm Oil animation and it went really well, we managed to make the presentation last the full time while still leaving time for questions at the end. After carrying out this pitch and seeing everyone else's progress it made me feel really confident that we were doing well as we were actually ahead of most other groups. The feedback was really useful as people suggested adding in a gun shot noise so that it's really clear that the Mum dies, as well as taking photos of the main tree, green screening and then putting the background trees in post.

Mine and Emma's digital characters together, and even though they don't look very similar in style this won't matter when we come to build the puppets they will be built out of the same materials which will make them look the same.

Here are Amy's fully developed set plans and I think it's going to work really well with mine and Emma's puppets.

Amy also made a really cool animatic that captured our animation perfectly! Below is the animatic, where I recorded a ukulele track to go with it. Looking at the animatic now I think the final song will be recorded with guitar instead of ukulele as this will make it more serious and less happy sounding. The lyrics really bring the song together which will be better when it's finally recorded, however this was just a temporary song for the time being.

I also started making my puppet this week, which was really exciting! I had to get Emma to guide me a little as I had forgotten a lot of what we did last year to make wire armatures, but I got there in the end. I also went down to the metal workshop to get some bolts for the feet of my character and this way he will be magnetised to the set.

Basic wire armature before wrapping the wire

Wire wrapping around 'hips' and 'collar bone'

Fully wrapped wire armature

Bending feet to put washers in for magnets

Bent hands and feet

Size comparison in the set


Milliput fully on armature - waiting for it dry

Armature with sponge head

Sponge arms and legs attached!

Before his trim, looking a little like a Gorilla at this point

Final foam trim, now to needle-felt him!

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