Sunday, 12 March 2017

Applied Production Diary - (6/3/17 - 12/3/17)

This week has been full of finalising plans and my character digital, I made him digital so that I could use the colours from the colour palette and I thought it would be good practice even though I will be making him as a puppet. Our group has been doing really well and keeping up with all our different roles and tasks and I'm really happy with how we have been progressing.

Below are all my final designs and even though my character is quite different looking to Emma's, I dont think it matters too much at this stage as we will be creating them both in felt and the main differences are that we used different brushes in Photoshop.


Below is the final colour palette sheet where I pick out all of the colours and how they are going to be used in our animation. My next steps within this is to find wool roving for the characters that matches these colours the best I can. I used images from the storyboard so that it could easily be visualised.

I also created a budget this week as next week we want to start on creating our characters/set, this means that looking at the budget and materials needed will enable us to gather everything and start modelling much faster. As we are creating a stop-motion animation it's really important to plan and budget due to the need for materials unlike other animation mediums. As the producer in this project I have the role of sorting things out like this and so far it has all been running very smoothly. Even though the prices are a little high for the animation, we are going to split the price and I have tried to overestimate the prices for some items, which will mean it might be even less. 

As we are starting to create our characters next week I have also made a puppet diagram that I can follow! This is the first proper puppet design I have ever made and I think it went quite well, measuring it all out and figuring out sizes for wire has been challenging as I have to consider the size of Emma's character whilst still making mine big enough to be able to animate. I also had to consider my previous research into the Orangutan skeleton before making this design so that it was in the correct proportions. This also helped doing this before creating the budget as it helped me realise how much of each material will be needed.

Finally, this week we have been putting together our pitch presentation for next Tuesday, which I have made a Google Slides document and shared it with my group so that we could all put our work into it. I got Emma to create backgrounds for it as she had finished her pre-production work quite early, so she created a series of backgrounds that change colour which is fitting to our animation as this happens in our narrative too. I looked at lots of pitches and they all seemed to have something relative to the idea in the overall design and feel of them so I felt it was very appropriate and effective! Our next steps are now to meet up on Monday a day before we pitch and go through it all together and write into the speaker notes who will be saying what and where and hopefully all should go well. Below are some of our slides and it shows how to colours change throughout.

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