Sunday, 26 March 2017

Applied Production Diary - (20/3/17 - 26/3/17)

This week I have worked on the pitch bible as I am waiting on my wool roving and needles to come in the post before I can progress with my puppet. As I have completed my pre-production work I took it upon myself to start creating the pitch bible and did so by taking the Adventure Time pitch bible and using that as an example. Even though we aren't creating a series, I still found it useful to look at how they laid out the narrative and the characters, also I loved how stylised it was! I am the only person to work on the pitch bible in my group but I feel this is a good thing as if we were all separately doing pages it wouldn't look as similar and the pages would vary in style. I actually really enjoyed writing little snippets about the characters and coming up with little details around them that might not be present in the animation but are still good to have to develop the character as the animator of them.

Below are some of the pages I have completed, I made them on Photoshop so that I could get some nice half transparent layers with the leaves and make the pages look really nice.

This is currently the cover page of the pitch bible, I also included a greyscale/transparent version of our studio logo to make it look more professional instead of just writing our names. I used the digital drawing of the tree done by Emma in the background to tie it all together which I felt was a nice touch!

Here is the concept page that goes over the narrative in larger font in the style of the animation, which is primarily for children and tells it in a fairytale kind of way. Then I included a smaller paragraph below that, that outlines the more technical details of the narrative, this is just to give people a sense of the facts behind it.

This page is around the setting of the animation, but I need another one of these similar to the Adventure Time one that goes over the concept art, whereas this page is just the factual information around the rainforest that this issue is taking place. I also included a nice map that outlines the rainforest in correlation to countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia.

Marie's page is filled with the illustrations done by Emma, which are quite cute! I also added in a little flower so you start to get the feeling of an innocent female Orangutan. I particularly like the bottom corner illustration of Marie, it brings a little fun to the page.

Louie's page is filled with my illustrations of him as he is my character that I am designing and creating! Clearly he is my favourite character as I had quite a lot to write around him. As you can see all of these pages have a nice house style, which is really effective with a pitch bible.

Finally, this is the Marie and Louie page similar to the page above in the Adventure Time bible, where it shows 'Finn and Jake Moments'. I really like this idea so I made a page with the animatic images/ storyboard images to create a page that shows Marie and Louie together and even though these are not the final designs it's nice to have a page that shows them together to get a sense of the sizing of the characters as well as the relationship they share together.

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