Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Responsive - Picking a Brief for Collaboration

This was the first brief I chose for this collaboration project as I really loved the idea of getting to illustrate and recreate characters from the amazing roald dahl books! If I don't settle on this for collaboration I think I might give this brief a go on my own anyway.

'To illustrate iconic characters and scenes from your favourite Roald Dahl children’s stories. The illustrations should appear as if they are part of a published series.'

Above is the brief outline, which basicaly states that I would have to illustrate a collection of characters/scenes from my favourite books (The Twits!!) all in the same style. I feel this would be challenging as a group as we would all have to adapt our own style and create one we could all follow. The target audience is also 5-11 and this appealed to me as I would love the chance to try and follow a brief with a younger audience in mind as I love to create cute and colourful things.

Thirsty Planet is another brief that I really liked as it suits the kind of message that I support about being healthy and caring about the Earth. The task is to create a campaign for 18-24 year olds (which I fall into), so this would be quite an easy age range to tackle. I think this brief would be really great to work in a team with as it seems to be quite a large brief to make a campaign.

'Thirsty Planet chose to partner with the charity Pump Aid, which provides clean water solutions in sub-Saharan Africa. An efficient, relatively low-profile charity; 90p from every £1 goes into direct delivery.'

I really loved this part of the brief too as I feel that if I took this brief on I would also be using my creative skills for good!

Finally, this was the last brief that really caught my eye, again for the cause that it is supporting!

'Create a content campaign for Respect for Animals that will change the minds of people buying or wearing real fur' 

Again another campaign, so I feel like this is the kind of brief that really needs a team of creatives behind it. The only concern I have with this brief is that the subject to so heavy-hitting and hard for people to understand and this will be the challenge behind it. I picked it because I am someone that completely backs this kind of message, so spending and committing my time to it I feel would be worth while.

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