Sunday, 12 February 2017

Applied Production Diary (6/2/17 - 12/2/17)

For this week we were able to meet up as a group and get our idea solidified, we decided that we wanted to go with the sustainability theme and this was great for me as that was the theme I most wanted to go with. This was because there were so many different topics and directions we could go with this theme! We began by looking at the different issues surrounding environmental issues and what was current in the news until we came across the issue of Palm Oil. There are countless articles in the news about this issue and it's something that none of us really knew that much about. This was good as it meant we were able to learn about it ourselves and teach others about it too with our documentary. I personally feel passionate about the environment and deforestation, so this topic is going to be easy for me to stay focused on.

I decided that it was important to get a schedule going asap, so that we wouldn't fall behind as we only had one session each week. Below are the calendars I came up with, and after talking to Emma and Amy they agreed that the calendar seemed reasonable. However, if it needs to be changed in the future due to falling behind or complications I will do so.

We also set tasks to start on before our next meeting on the 21/2/17.

So, my next steps for the next week are to start gathering research and creating moodboards so that we could come together in the meeting and see who's ideas are better and what direction we want to go. I also want to start doing some initial sketches so that I can start to visualise the idea.

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