Friday, 9 December 2016

Production Diary 10 - Adrift - (5/12/16 - 9/12/16)

This week I have completed my animation and after speaking to a variety of people I am happy with the outcome, I now have to write my evaluation and then I will be able to hand in.

Adrift - Stacy Straub from Stacy Straub on Vimeo.

Above is my final animation uploaded to Vimeo.

I have found this project to be a great experience for me and I was able to explore an animation technique that I had never used before. Even though I worked on my own on this project I still feel like I learnt a lot and also gained confidence in After Effects.

This week I have spent tidying up all my pieces of work such as blog posts and writing up my evaluation. I was surprised that I was able to have lot of extra time at the end of this module and I felt that throughout the module I was able to manage my time really well.

For the future, this module has helped me to consider mixed media animation instead of sticking to just one at a time. My goals for future projects now is to be able to collaborate with others as I have found that through looking at other people's projects that when you work as a team you are able to achieve more.

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