Sunday, 19 February 2017

Applied Production Diary (13/2/17 - 19/2/17)

I have started researching into Palm Oil trade, the products, the animals affected, the local people there and the overall damage being caused. As something that I didn't really know much about before staring this project, it's made me see how this is an issue that people are not aware of and companies are able to get away with the damage.

To get a feel for the animation I started to create some moodboards for the world, the Orangutan characters and the palm oil products. We decided as a group to all create separate moodboards so that we could come together and discuss our different ideas. I want to start looking into the organisations that are against palm oil and support Orangutans and possibly get in contact with some of them.

Here is my body of research and I want to keep this as a working document where I can look at it for writing my poem or coming up with the titles.

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