Sunday, 5 February 2017

APPLIED - Euthanasia is Good

Our first task of this module was to get a random subject and make a 5-minute presentation on it, so I got the phrase 'Euthanasia is good'. My topic, is something that is quite hard for a lot of people to talk about and I knew that my presentation would have to be sensitive and make sure not to offend anyone. Personally, I agree with the statement so this presentation won't be very hard for me to make and find the relative points to explore.

I have currently decided on creating a little story to follow in my presentation, so that people will be able to see the subject from a different way and I also want to use a animal character so it's easier to talk about.

This above will be my character, I didn't really plan out what he would look like, I just drew him up on Photoshop. My next plans are to go through a real-life story and recreate it with my little dog. I have found a story exploring motor neurone disease, something that has no cure, and I want to look into writing a short story about that.

Above is a link to story that has inspired me to write my own version. I wanted to use a story that was inspired by a real one so that I could get better facts and opinions around the subject. I have currently written a script of what I want to say in my presentation and my next plans are to draw a series of images to accompany my words.

I have now drawn all my images and I think that by doing this I have managed to tackle the subject in a way that is relatable to more people than if I'd use a human character. I feel prepared for my presentation on Tuesday! All I need to do now is go over my presentation before then and make sure it's all polished and I know exactly when to click for the animations as I read the story.


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