Sunday, 26 February 2017

Applied Production Diary - (20/2/17 - 26/2/17)

This week at our group meeting we were able as a group to establish roles so that we could begin pre-production properly. After each making moodboards and coming up with separate ideas, we were also able to come up with a rough storyboard. To the left is a list of the different roles and who was responsible for what and some roles were split between the three of us. I am going to be mainly responsible for designing and building my character which is the baby Orangutan (Louie) in our narrative. We made sure that things like animation and lighting tests were a group role so that everyone could be involved directly with the production process and how it was going to look.

Below is the rough storyboard that we came up with together, by coming up with it as a group this meant that we were all able to come up with the cinematography and shots before it was finalised. After seeing the rough storyboard I started to get more excited about our production as I can start to see it coming together!

First I decided to start drawing some designs for my character, which is one of favourite parts of production and below are some of my sketches I did. I want to make my character 'cute', however it still has to be able to be made into a puppet, which is something I will have to consider when I decide on a final design.

My next steps for next week will be to get a good start of writing the poem that will be narrated throughout our documentary. This is going to be quite challenging for me as I need to be able to add in facts to the poem as well as describe the narrative on screen. I want to try and make the poem quite metaphoric instead of plainly telling the audience what they're seeing on screen, this way it will hopefully have a greater effect on the audience.

Finally, I decided that it would be great primary research to reach out to all the different organisations that are trying to fight against Palm Oil and save the Orangutans are get some input and information from them. Below are all the different emails I sent out and hopefully I will get at least one response soon enough. I also feel that after this documentary is made it would be a great opportunity to send it out to these organisations to gain feedback and possibly publicity if they feel they want to show it.

I really hope to hear back from these different organisations soon as it will be really interesting to hear what they have to say about the matter directly.

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