Sunday, 23 October 2016

Production Diary 3 - Adrift - (17/10/2016 - 23/10/2016)

This week I have also sourced my music by getting my friend from Leeds College of Music to perform Space Oddity by David Bowie, here is the preview of the song.

For my final shot I want to have a famous galaxy as the last thing the audience see, so I have been looking at different galaxies that I could paint. I want it to be a really beautiful last shot so that it contrasts the narrative.

Here are my final storyboards for my animation before I began making my animatic. I am happy with my shots in this storyboard, however I feel that if I would have chosen a different medium I could have had more creative shots and framing. Using papercut I can only really shoot from above and this limits what I can do.

I also made a colour script, which I felt was necessary as I am having to paint all of the scenes by hand. By having a solid colour script it allows me to plan all of the paints and backgrounds I need and how big they need to be before actually making them. I decided to do this digitally as I would then be able to have multiple copies of it incase I get any copies messed up from using them when painting. I feel my colour script is a little plain but the good part about it being digital is that I can always go back and change any colours I dislike or decide to change around.

Character & Narrative - Final Animatic from Stacy Straub on Vimeo.

Here is my final animatic above and I am actually very happy with it! I am ready for my interim crit on Tuesday and the main thing that I want to ask about is if the narrative makes complete sense and if there are any shots that people could come up with to maybe strengthen the narrative even more. My only criticism for my animatic is that some of the shots are a little too fast, however I can always review what people thought about this in the crit.

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