Sunday, 16 October 2016

Production Diary 2 - Adrift - (10/10/2016 - 16/10/2016)

As part of researching into space I took out a book on NASA Art and below are some images I took from it that inspire me and inspire my project.

Looking at these different pieces of art has helped me as I am going for a traditional looking style in my own animation. I want to use oil and acrylic paint similar to some of these pieces above.

I also developed my character a lot this week, I looked at different shapes that I could use to piece my character together and tried two different styles. I decided that going for a rounded, square shape would be better as I want my character to have a more 'innocent' and weaker impression rather than a 'strong' and macho character which made more sense for my narrative.
Soviet Space Suit Inspiration

I also looked at different designs for my spacesuit but after asking other people opinions, everyone's favourite design was the yellow spacesuit. This is an old soviet space suit and to get my ideas for these different designs I looked at old spacesuits from Nasa in the past to get a more retro aesthetic to my character.

Here is my final design for Tom, the astronaut, however my next planning will have to be a few more drawings of how I am going to create Tom as a paper puppet and trying out different methods of how I want his limbs to move. I am thinking of sewing his arms on so that I will have lots of movement and his arms and legs will still be quite stable. Below is just a quick concept piece I drew up when thinking about Tom floating in space. Also, I now need to draw up my final storyboard which I want to have ready for Tuesday's session!

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