Sunday, 9 October 2016

Production Diary 1 - Adrift - (4/10/2016 - 9/10/2016)

For the first part of my project I began to make mind maps of my different ideas, this helped me ration down what I liked. I knew from the beginning that I wanted to use paper animation as my method so this helped me decide what ideas would work. Here are some moodboards that I made when generating my ideas and finding inspiration.

My 'World' Moodboard

My Spaceship Moodboard

My Astronaut Moodboard

I began drawing pictures based on one of the ideas that I liked which was adrift, a spaceman lost in space, which inspired me to take the idea further. Below are some images of my ideas.

Above I got a friend to pose in different positions so I could start to visualise the way my astronaut would move.

This is a quick painting I did to start looking at the different backgrounds I want to create.

As this brief is heavily about narrative I wanted my narrative to be solid and interesting, while keeping it simple, so I came up with the narrative of a spaceman who is on a journey that fails, then he decides to just drift off into space as he accepts his fate. Here is my rough storyboard, I just got some shots down that I thought were interesting.

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