Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Responsive - Thinking About Briefs

For the responsive brief I ave to select one main brief that I can focus on and then smaller briefs to look at on the side. The main brief that I'm looking at is the LoopdeLoop brief, which I like as it is quite creative and the competition on this website is quite high. I want to challenge myself so I feel that this would be the best choice for this, as well as looking at how I might plan out an animation that loops.

I've also looked at the 11 second club, which is very open and doesn't actually seem to have an particular theme. This is very free and creative meaning I can do any idea that comes to mind and in any medium, which might be good if I want to try and experiment in different mediums without worrying about the theme too much.

Do it in Ten is something that I have entered in the past, and I really did enjoy this one as it gives you quite a specific brief to follow (10 seconds and a theme). This is something I would like to consider but as I've done it before it might be the least challenging to me, instead of trying something new. Another positive point about this brief is that your work gets lots of publicity on the Show Me the Animation's social media pages ect.

For my main brief I am thinking that I want to go for LoopdeLoop as it's nothing like I've done before, looping an animation. I want to wait possibly for the next brief to come out and work on it over the Christmas break, this way it gives me lots of time to work on it instead of going for the 'Breakfast' brief that's already live. I want to go for more animation based briefs rather than ones that are more design based as I feel it will give me a better experience in my animating.

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