Thursday, 6 October 2016

Paper Animation Research

Paper animation is a form of stop-motion animation and can make use of paper, card and fabric. I really want to go for the traditional way of animating with paper without the use of after effects to animate it.

There are difficulties when controlling the movement of characters in this medium and it's hard to make anything in the shot come closer or further away from the camera. However, with detailed planning this can combat the movement of the characters and the camera can always be zoomed in and out to show more or less of the shot. Papercut actually has a lot of nice qualities to it that other mediums can't achieve, but works best with mimed animations.

In the book 'Stop Motion' by Barry Purves (2010) it states 'the viewer can see puppets existing in real space, reacting to light, focus, gravity and each other' and 'they are credible because they exist as part of a physical world'. This quote really shows just how puppets can create a realistic feel to them that is naturally achieved, this would be harder to recreate with something like after effects, commonly used for this style, as the lighting for example would have to be artificially achieved.

Cut-Out Animation from Adrian Navarro on Vimeo.

I really liked the style of this animation and the style of the paper puppets, they're simple yet really nice and fluid characters. The puppets are shaded and this is something I want to do on my character to give it more depth. I also really liked the music in this animation and taking from this animation I want to have a very simple instrumental that sets the tone of the animation.

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