Thursday, 5 May 2016

Walk Cycle with Moom!

I got the chance to have a little play on Maya at actually animating with it! This was a really good opportunity for me to make things move with a program that I am completely brand new to and I found it not too difficult once I got my head round the key frames.

Below is a little preview of Moom and how you can move each part of him to a different position. What I really liked about this task was that you can move the body parts to the extreme and I think this is something that you can do without the character looking too out of proportion. I enjoyed making him move, however I actually animated Moom moving forward which I think he was only meant to walk in the spot. This actually was quite difficult as when you moved him forward his spine went a little out each time and was hard to keep repositioning. I still think my walk cycle went okay considering I had never used Maya before and I look forward to learning more about it!

Below is my play blast of Moom's walk cycle!

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