Monday, 22 February 2016

My 12 Images for Visual Language

After drawing 24 drawings of shoes I then had to create 12 more images from my favourite, so I decided to go with the drawing where the cowboy has been walked over by his own boots. I picked this image because I liked the play on words and I felt that there was a solid story that I could easily follow and come up with a storyboard for. The new images I produced were fun to do and I was able to get a wide range of images from this one subject quite easily! I really liked using watercolour on this project so I used it in quite a few of my pieces and below I have inserted a few of them to show. I found it best to look at artists to inspire me as well as lots of cowboy photography and images from popular western films. I liked to focus quite a lot on the idea of cowboy boots because they can have so much character and different styles as well as my word being shoe.

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