Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Fantastic Mr. Fox - Environmental Storytelling

Fantastic Mr. Fox is a truly a beautifully made animation and I wanted to not only look at the ways environments can be made up by being drawn or digitally imagined, I wanted to look at how they build the beautiful environments. So, for this animation they based all the sets and environments off a small town Great Misenden which was were Roald Dahl lived and as like most animations the production team were sent there on many trips to gather reference material. I feel like this is a very common theme for the designers and animators to physically go to the reference place before they go any further and by doing this it helps the environment to become more developed in the animation. Below is one of the beautiful creations and below it's inspiration to show how much inspiration the animation  really took from this town. This shows how important it can be to get little details right about your chosen environments as they effect everything about the animation.


There is a scene from the film below is one that I really like because it uses different perspectives to tell the story and this is another thing that I am learning about in the environmental storytelling project. The only thing is, is that as this is a set that is being filmed directly and not draw up they don't actually have to draw the perspectives, only move the camera but I still feel like it's good practice to explore the different perspectives and recognise them. Wes Anderson (Director) is known for using parallel shots and layouts in his film and this make a lot of the frames one point perspective, but I actually really like this way of framing as the audience is always focusing where you want them to.

In this clip you can really see the colour palette as it's very limited. As the environments in this animation are very dark but heavily detailed I feel like a lot of planning would have had to go in for them to be effective and not boring to the eye. Similar to when I analysed Wall-E they would have to be careful that they film wouldn't look unappealing when they use such a tight colour palette.

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