Monday, 22 February 2016

Environments in The Incredibles - Architecture

As I am studying environments and how I can draw them up while still considering the cinematography in a scene I looked at The Incredibles. This I felt was a good example as staging, one of the main principles of animation, can be very hard to execute effectively and the environment and the way it is laid out of captured can drastically effect the staging.  The Incredibles is a great example of an animation that takes cinematography a little further and it is clear that it was really thought out and they used the theme of superheroes to the fullest.

The city that the animation is based in suggests that its based in a world that is very 1950s and 'post-war', based on the buildings and the colours and feel of the different environments like the image below. This is represented the the use of architecture in this animation and if you look throughout the film there are lots of architectural references throughout where famous buildings have been included to create the atmosphere of the city they are living in as well as suggest that they are living in an American  architectural city.


A good example of how they do this is to look at the backgrounds within the film, below you can see a large building in the centre of the frame that almost looks like the Chrysler building. This suggests that when drawing environments it's good to practice drawing buildings as they are essential if you want to create a certain look or feel to a narrative. Without the use of famous architecture that audiences recognise it would be hard to create the same atmosphere in the animation.

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