Saturday, 13 February 2016

A Tale in the Sting Project

For our new project we were given the choice to either make an ident for a TV channel, a title sequence or a campaign animation. I really liked the idea of making an ident or creating a title sequence but didn't really like the idea of having to animate for a charity campaign. This is because I feel that creating an animation for a campaign would be something that has to be approached carefully and I felt that creating an ident for a channel would be much more fun but still a challenge. So, I decided that I was going to go for the ident brief where I would have to create two idents for either E4, Disney Junior, the Hallmark channel or National Geographic. I chose this brief not only because it seemed fun but also so I could develop my skills in trying to copy a house style for a certain brand. By practising this skill I feel like it will prepare me more for the industry as this might be when I will learn house styles and follow them closely. My next steps are going to be to do some research on all the different channels and look at past examples to give me inspiration as well as some insight into their house styles and the way they present the channel. I did consider doing the title sequence brief as it's also something I might have to carry out when starting out in the industry but I feel like this is something that isn't as important as learning the follow a company's house style and rules. Below I have started to come up with some ideas for the different idents I could possibly create.

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