Thursday, 25 February 2016

Cowboy Art - Nelson Boren

As I have chosen to expand on my drawing of a cowboy getting walked over by his own boots I want to look at some artwork surrounding cowboys and the western theme to give myself some inspiration! I have found an artist that mainly works with the images of cowboys and his work is really inspiring to me as he uses watercolour really nicely.

Nelson Boren - Cowboy Artist | Western Art Prints | West Watercolor Artist:

I really like this piece by Nelson Boren as it focuses on the little details instead of the full cowboy, I think I'm going to create this kind of image for one of my drawings to make my study more interesting. By looking and exploring the small details in a character it helps you to understand them more and what should be put together to create a realistic character.

Here is another piece that I really liked, I mainly like the fact that you can't see the identity of the people and it leaves it up to the viewer to decide who they are. I want to use this technique in some of my own pieces and I feel like it's much nicer instead of giving the viewer the full person to look at which can be quite dull.

Finally, below is the last piece I'm going to talk about and I really love the way that Boren paints in these images. His paintings are hyper-realistic but with a touch of a rustic feel to them and this is something I would love to be able to recreate in my pieces! I definitely want to look at doing some watercolour pieces now and especially focusing on the cowboy boots as this will be one of my characters when I come to create a narrative.

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