Monday, 8 May 2017

Applied Production Diary (1/517 - 7/5/17)

This week was when we finally began animating! We have had a lot of problems over the past week with cameras, batteries and lenses. All of this has been a bit of nightmare, however we managed to finally get past all of that and start animating some scenes.

The first scene we animated was the smoke scene on the trees, we felt it would be best to film this scene first before putting any of the green onto the set and work backwards. We used cotton wool for smoke like they did in Fantastic Mr Fox and it worked really well.

I animated the two little diggers, the two trees on the right of the screen and half the big tree smoke.
Amy animated the big digger, the left tree and half the big tree.

I also created the background painting using collage, paint and ink to create a quite apocalyptic-style background! We also animated another digger scene ready for doing a full week of animating next week and getting all of the digger scenes out of the way first, ready for all the ape scenes.

Amy and Emma animated this scene, as we want to try and spread the chance to animate as much as possible and Emma did a great job of leaving trails behind the big truck making it look more realistic! The sets are looking amazing and I'm starting to feel prouder each time we complete a scene as we've put so much effort into all the details within this animation.

Overall, this week we haven't got as much done as we would have hoped. On the other hand, the main thing is that we have now solved all of our camera problems apart from the fact we have limited time with the battery and have to try and cram all of the animating into a few hours as it takes a long time to charge up again. Next week should be a lot more successful and I'm hoping we pretty much finished all of the animating by Friday. This will then leave us a few days to edit and composit all of the shots ready for submission!

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