Thursday, 11 May 2017

Applied Production Diary - 11/5/17


Today, I did a lot of animating again and I feel like we are starting to really get through this project with more and more scenes being completed everyday.

I kind of took over the animating for this day as I really wanted to do it and I felt that Emma and Amy were stepping back a bit to give me a chance to fully animate as they understand that, that's what I want to do. Emma and Amy are more interested in the pre-production side of stop-motion, such as building puppets and sets, whereas I am not. So, I really liked how they let me take the lead for these scenes.

This was the first scene I animated, Louie rolling over as a close-up of him sleeping. It was quite hard to animate as he is not magnetised at all, so getting him to roll I used sponge behind him to prop him up as he rolled. 

This next scene, I again fully animated but Emma and Amy did give me some help. We had a funny production line going where Emma would prepare the tape, Amy would stick this to the crisp packet leaf, and then I would stick it on and animate. This made the whole scene so much quicker and I think we all had very greasy/oily hands after this scene.

This scene shows Louie waking up, which was fun to animate. I made Emma keep doing the motion on beanbags so I could get an idea of how he would get up, which was quite funny. After he gets up and looks around the smoke starts to come in the scene and as I was quite tired from animating the other scenes, Emma and Amy came to animate the smoke, whilst I animated Louie.

After I had a little break, I then animated this scene above of Louie hiding and by this point he was so difficult to animate as both of his legs had broken, meaning he didn't have much stability to him. I had to again use sponges and tape his bum to the set to try and keep him steady.

This was the last scene of the day and the last scene of the whole production process! The smoke is completely animated by Emma and Amy here and they did a fab job in comparison to the first smoke scene we did in the forest. I carried on animating Louie in this scene, although he doesn't do much. I feel that we definitely should have experimented more with the smoke materials and done a few more animation tests with it before going straight into the scenes, but you live and learn. This scene is playing very fast in this preview and it's just because of me not exporting it as 12fps but as 24fps.

Below are all the shots from filming.

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