Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Applied Production Diary - 10/5/17


On Wednesday, we decided to put the scenes we had into Premiere to check that the timings were going right, that we worked out. This meant that we had counted all the frames to match up to the lyrics in the song, otherwise the animation wouldn't be as clear.

We found that it was really confusing as we had filmed on twos, however Dragonframe was exporting out the images as ones, so when put into Premiere it was playing in half the time and really fast! To tackle this we had to change the sequence and video settings to 12 frames a second so that technically it would play at 24. How complicated!

After looking back at the footage so far, I really felt that the whole thing lacked different shots and it felt quite flat. I suggested that we add some close-ups in and after Emma and Amy had spent a long animating the cuddle scene, I volunteered to film all of the close-ups as it wouldn't take me too long,
as they were only a few seconds each. I also love animating so to me, to go back and film again into the scenes we already had was fine. I think Emma and Amy, weren't too keen on going back to polish things off and wanted to move onto the next thing, but going back was the best decision.

So, I went back into the stop-motion room and animated these scenes on my own.

Here is a close-up of Marie's face, I felt this helped the audience see her more clearly. To have made her character have more performance, it would have been better to use eyes or eyebrows that could  move!

This is the close-up hug, I loved animating this scene it was so cute. The close-up of the hug I felt just made it much more emotional for the audience as they get a closer perspective of their love.

I loved getting to animate these scenes and I do feel that it works a lot better when there is just one animator, just because then both of the characters movement matches and I will keep this in mind for future projects. I felt that I could precisely move the puppets when I was the only one animating.

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