Sunday, 30 April 2017

Applied Production Diary - (24/4/17 - 30/4/17)

This week we set up our animation ready to animate! I have been waiting over the Easter break to come back and get this animation on to a good start to seeing it all come together was really great.

We did have a lot of problems with equipment, where the camera had the wrong lens, the other lens kept erroring and we could only find a portable battery to use for the camera, not great for stop-motion. However, I dealt with all of these problems and decided to take the battery home at the weekend so that I could fully charge it and when we come in on the Tuesday we can straight away start animating.

Little Louie on set!

Then we saw how the Louie and Marie looked...

I am so happy with how this production has turned out and I am so excited to start animating!

I also decided to do an animation test with the first scene we will be animating, which is the digger scene. This basically helps us see what the set look like and how it the final product will look. I found it really easy to animate these little diggers and I feel like using toys was the best option rather than making the diggers ourselves.

Next week our plans are to go in on Tuesday and get all the digger scenes sorted and carry on animating!

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