Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Applied Production Diary - 9/5/17


On Tuesday it was the crit, which I had forgotten about due to all of the recent deadlines and so many things on my mind. Emma wasn't the most optimistic about this crit and wasn't sure of us showing our work at such an early stage in the animating. Even though we didn't have much to show I still threw what we had into the animatic so that we at least had something to show people. I also gathered a few images of the sets/puppets just to give everyone an update. I feel like the crit wasn't really helpful as it would have worked a lot better if we had more to show. I wasn't able to get people's opinions properly than if we had more animation, however it was cool to see other's work and progression.

In the afternoon we began animating another couple of scenes. Emma did a lot of the animating for these scenes and as I had to go to work I had to leave, whilst they carried on with the scene.

This is the cuddle scene, where Emma and Amy animated.

I was quite sad for missing out on animating so I wanted to make sure that the rest of scenes I animated as much as possible as I really want to practice animating and build my portfolio.

Below are images from animating.

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