Monday, 8 May 2017

Applied Production Diary - 8/5/17

Animating crazy week!

For this week, it is time to pump out as much animating as humanly possible as we still have a lot of scenes to do before the deadline next week. The main thing that is keeping me calm at the moment is that the majority of the animation is the leaf time lapse where Louie doesn't have to move that much and the main focus is changing the leaves. We will have to make sure with this scene that we really go slow with the leaf changing and stretch it out as much as possible.


On Monday, I animated the smoke scene ready to composit on the truck scene at the end and on the scene with Louie sat in the nest. Mat came up and had at look at this scene and suggested that we layer the footage a few times over to make the smoke look really thick and I think this is a great idea.

I animated it onto a blue screen and this is how the rough version looks.

I really like how this scene has turned out and I'm glad that we decided to do this just to add the the whole idea of the smoke completely going wild and taking over the forest. Below is some shots of me testing how it look after keying and compositing it over the digger footage. It still needs a lot of tweaking and colour correction before the final edit but so far it has worked really well!

On Monday, I also animated the scene with Marie's hand coming over to pull the leaves back. We wanted to start with all of the awkward to film scenes first so that they were out of the way and we could go back and fix any problems straight away. I opted to animate these scenes as they were hard and as I want to be an animator I wanted to put myself up for the challenge.

This was the close-up hand scene and it was so hard to get this scene! Amy and Emma carefully set up the scene as I waited in the corner ready to animate it and we actually had to put a cardboard box in the set and set the camera on it with it being kept steady with a piece of sponge. Quite a DIY shot right here! Then because it wasn't on a tripod it kept shaking crazily so no one could move a muscle the whole time I was trying to move the hand ever so carefully, what a nightmare. However, we got the shot in the end and I was so relieved to finish animating this scene. There are a few shadows on this blue screen so I don't know how well it will key out in post, this might have to be something that we ask Mat about.

Finally, this was the last scene for Monday. This scene was a lot more simple for me to animate and I enjoyed doing this scene as Marie is such a lovely puppet to move compared to Louie. I'm really happy with how these scenes have come out and it will be back to it tomorrow!

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