Friday, 4 December 2015

The Other Side, Production Diary - 4/12/15

Like I had previously planned I managed to get a video of someone swinging an 'axe' so that I could animate it better. This helped me tremendously and I feel that in the future if I am animating any complicated movements of the body that gaining reference material is definitely beneficial to the animation! I have got finished 7/9 scenes of my animation now so I have a lot of material to show for my crit session, which will be a great advantage as I will hopefully gain lots of feedback. I also had a small progress review with Mat today and this helped by just making sure I was on track and things were going okay, from this I gained that I need to watch 'Waking Sleeping Beauty' to help with my animation history research and that to gather audio I could look at Free Sound Project, BBC sound library or UB sound. As long as I keep going at the speed I am, I am going to be on track and will still have time to go back and refine my animation over the Christmas break as well as when we come back before the deadline. This will give me a overall better animation as none of it will be rushed, below is some videos of reference material and then the rough scene I created from it!

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