Tuesday, 1 December 2015

The Other Side, Production Diary - 1/12/15

Today was just another studio day for me, where I carried on with my animation and it's going really well. I tried to animate a scene where my character goes to chop a tree, but I found it very difficult by using videos from the internet so my next plans are to record someone swinging their arms as if chopping a tree to get the best result. This way I can go through frame by frame and draw up my animation correctly without it looking unrealistic! I have quite a few scenes that are pretty much finished and I feel that to keep on track I need to do a few more blog posts on the history of animation to keep on track. Also, the last thing I need to start collecting is my audio which I'm unsure on where I am going to source this from yet.

Below is a clip of one of my finished scenes, I am going to wait til my crit session before I start to make small changes on them so I can change what others notice can be tweaked.

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