Friday, 11 December 2015

The Other Side, Production Diary - 11/12/15

I had a crit session today with my classmates and in this we looked at each other's work so far and was able to give comments and discuss the next steps each of us should take. The issues that were discussed during my crit were that some of my shots seemed a little too quick, although it was hard to tell as my shots were all broken up and if they had been sewn together first it would have been easier to judge this. To tackle this I will have to ensure that my shots have extra room on the end of them in case they are to short when I come to edit them together, or I could try putting them together as I'm going to make sure I'm timing them correctly as I go. As a positive comment on my animation so far, it was said that everyone liked the colour palette I had used and that it was very eye-catching. Today I also almost finished on my scenes for the final animation and hopefully at this rate I will have it done during the Christmas holidays, giving me time when I come back to tweak things.

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