Monday, 23 October 2017

Lifting Tower - Idea Synthesis

After meeting with Vlad and sharing both our individual ideas, we began fusing them together to pitch to Jimmy on the 24th October. As our ideas were very different, we had a good variety of themes and narratives to choose from and decided on 3. We drew up three storyboards together, so that our pitch would be clear and concise and we would easily be able to show how we wanted the animation to be planned out. Below are the storyboards we drew up.

This is my personal favourite idea! I feel the merging images into Christmas objects is simple yet really effective!

I like all three of these ideas and once we decide on a final idea, we will draw up a full digital/colour storyboard to follow as these are only rough plans. I also thought it a good idea to come up with some colour palettes, as we have to consider the projection can only really show bright and bold colours.

Here are some of the colour palettes I have come up with to follow and I will show these to Vlad next time we get together to talk about our next plans. I particularly like the 2/3 palettes.

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